About Us

At Margherita NYC our concept is simple: we strive to turn your quintessential basic Italian dish into something unique and memorable. We absolutely pride ourselves in quality and consistency.

Our namesake, the Margherita, is thought of as a simple cheese pie. Well, we beg to differ. We have taken this pie, which stands as the base for almost all our other pies, and have studied and perfected it. A Margherita is not just dough, sauce, cheese, basil and olive oil. The pie is a blend of love, care, and attention to detail above all.

Either imported or locally sourced, all our ingredients are selected for their quality and authenticity. Simply put, if you care about your food, people will take notice.

At Margherita NYC just about everything we make, from our classic lasagna to our delicious tiramisu, is made in house. So we invite you to join us. We can’t wait for you to come check out our little slice of southern Italy, right here in NYC!











Tiramisu | $10
Chocolate Mouse Cake |$8
Pizza Nutella |$10
Cheesecake |$10
Panna Cotta |$8

Soft Drinks

Pepsi / Diet Pepsi |$2.5
Ginger Ale |$2.5
Sierra Mist |$2.5
Orange Juice / Peach Juice | $4
San Pellegrino | $5
Acqua Panna Toscana |$5
Iced Tea (Peach or Lemon) |$3.5
San Pellegrino Arancia Rosa |$3.5
San Pellegrino Limonata |$3.5


Espresso |$3.5
Double Espresso |$4
Cappuccino |$4.5
Macchiato |$3.75
Latte |$4.5
Americano |$3.5
Iced Caffè |$4

















M: 1pm-11pm | T-Sun: Noon-11pm

197 Grand Street
New York, NY 10013
212 226 8391